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If you are a member of InterNACHI California, you are eligible to take online education courses for free. You can also take the free Radon Measurement Service Provider course, and you will learn how to become a certified Radon Measurement Service Provider. However, before you enroll, you should know the costs and benefits of becoming a member of InterNACHI.

InternaCHI Inspection Forum

The InterNACHI Inspection Forum provides members with access to more than 1,000 free courses related to home inspection. It also hosts free peer-to-peer mentoring, enabling students to learn from the experiences and advice of Certified Professional Inspectors.

A certificate from InterNACHI will prove that you’re qualified to perform inspections and provide peace of mind to your clients.

Students can choose from an extensive curriculum to complete their InterNACHI online education courses. The courses are divided into modules and are easy to navigate. Students are required to enter personal information, such as a photograph of their face. InterNACHI California’s online education courses are designed to support effective learning and achievement of stated outcomes. Course materials guide best practices and a glossary to assist with course concepts.

Students may complete the courses in the order they have completed the prerequisite requirements for the system. Students who complete an online education course can expect to receive a certificate confirming their completion. InterNACHI School does not issue incomplete grades or marks to students. Students may not get a full refund for an online course if dropped from a class. Students who drop out of the program can request a full refund if they choose. You will further learn about the role of radon in homes. Once you have completed the course, you can begin offering radon testing to homeowners.

InterNACHI's online education courses


When you sign up for an online home inspection training course or enroll in an InterNACHI home inspection certification program, you will need to become a member. InterNACHI membership costs $499 a year, or $49 per month. You probably will not be charged until you finish the course or program.

To become a member of InterNACHI California, you must complete a membership application. The application fee is $100. Once you are are enrolled into the program, you will be required to complete an annual renewal fee. InterNACHI California is an affiliate of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. By becoming a member of InterNACHI, you become a part of a professional organization that promotes quality home inspection.

Grievance process

You can follow the InterNACHI grievance process if you feel that an InterNACHI California Training Partner has violated your rights. The InterNACHI Student Grievance Procedure covers all discrimination issues, age, sex, national origin, or problems in the relationship between a student and an InterNACHI School. The process also guides the appropriate complaint system. Here’s how to file a grievance:

To initiate the grievance process, you must first complete the online form by providing your contact information and uploading a picture of your face. If the InterNACHI California Training Partner does not reply to your email or phone calls within 24 hours, you can contact InterNACHI. The InterNACHI staff will review your information and respond within 48 hours. In addition to this, the InterNACHI staff will also provide you with a sample Cease-and-Desist letter for the Inspector.


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